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 Norwalk, CT Mr. Allen Fedor, who on countless occasions has been accused of towing the cars of many people who live in public housing and thus tormenting poor people in this city, has also been accused of punishing more severely if people are migrants.

 Even having been in the news in confrontation with the police or the Norwalk Housing Authority, it has not led to him losing his license to tow cars off city streets.

 But while being the owner of Fedor Auto Body Works, he also owns at least one rental house where Laura García's family rented an apartment. After more than a year of living in this place, the García family decided to move out to another house. After asking Mr. Allen Fedor for the security deposit and waiting for several weeks for it to be delivered. Mrs. Laura in a text message manifests the continuous violations of the housing code and that therefore she expects the full refund of her security deposit to which Mr. Fedor replies in a racist way:

 "All Right. I guess you illegals are dirty, like in Mexico"

 That a person invokes his rights as a tenant to have his security deposit returned does not give any right to any homeowner to call him illegal and Mexican.

 Every person who rents an apartment has every right to have his security deposit returned in his integrity and that person should not be discriminated or tagged. Labeling in a derogatory way for their national origin is discriminatory and racist and we will not allow it.

 On this occasion, the different organizations present here, we demand that Mr. Allen Fedor make a public apology to the García family and in general to the entire Norwalk community. That the Laura García family be fully refunded the value of their security deposit, that Mr. Allen Fedor and his workers be given a workshop by an organization agreed by the parties on anti-racism. If Allen Fedor refuses, state or local authorities will be required to remove his business license.

In the meantime, from today on, we will maintain a permanent boycott. At this time we manifest ZERO tolerance for racism in Norwalk and across the state of CT.

Since March 31 when we hold our last demonstration, we have not received any response from Allen Fedor. However, more people have approached us denouncing Allen Fedor for wage theft. Abel. One of the complainants stated that Allen owes him thousands of dollars and that when ask him to be pay, Allen threatened to call immigration on him

Abel says: "He is a thief and a racist and I am not going to stop until he pays me"

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Ser Trans Indigena







¿Cómo se expresa la identidad indígena a través de la experiencia Trans? ¿Cual es el proceso de aferrarse a la herencia indígena mientras también intentamos romper con los roles binarios de género? Particularmente cuando esos mismos roles de género están tan inextricablemente amarrados a las socializaciones derivadas de la ideología religiosa, el estatus de clase y la historia de la colonización.

Una gran parte de las transformaciones ideológicas que están ocurriendo hoy en las comunidades indígenas tienen que ver con descubrir … o RE-descubrir conceptos como la sexualidad indigena. Por toda Américalatina, particularmente en las regiones andinas, todo lo relacionado con las sexualidades ha sido ocultado, negado y demonizado por la iglesia judeocristiana y el estado.

En la actualidad la cosmovisión andina sostiene sus sexualidades desde lo macho y lo hembra, con referentes cosmogónicos y naturales como sol y luna (Inti-Killa), hombre y mujer (Khari- Warmi), marido y mujer (Chacha-Warmi), frio y cálido (Chiri-Q’oñi), arriba y abajo (Patan-ura).

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