Beyond King

I killed Martin Luther King Jr. I kill him every time I separate militarism from poverty from racism. I kill him every time I feel hate or anger. I kill him when I have thoughts of violent acts. I kill him every time I conform to the comfortable status quo. I kill him every time I allow illusions like racial supremacy to go unchecked. I kill Martin Luther King Jr. whenever I choose to trust the FBI.

The powers that be shouldn't have allowed us to worship Dr. King before 1967. Before his Beyond Vietnam speech. We are to recognize the Dr. King of the Montgomery bus boycotts, the widespread sit-ins of the 60s, the champion of the 1961 Freedom Rides, and yes even the Dr. King who was arrested and thrown into a Birmingham jail cell. Today we are encouraged to glorify the non-violent human rights hero while killing his Anti-War legacy.

Dr. King’s stated mission was to save the soul of the United States of America. In his last year he understood, as I do, that at the center of the nation’s sickness are the evils of Racism/War/Poverty. We cannot wipe one out alone. They must all be destroyed before they destroy us.

We now know that the FBI under its director killed Dr. King. We now know that the FBI was following him, making his life miserable while pushing him to kill himself through hate mail. [Huh?] We now know that James Earl Ray did not pull the trigger and most upsetting we now know that Dr. King survived the gunshot wound only to be suffocated by hospital staff while the Police looked on.

The human rights struggle that Dr. King once shepherded remains in our hearts & midst. [hearts and midst???)He himself claimed, “We set out to champion decency using legal and non-violent methods to gain full citizenship for ALL Americans, and now the new phase in this struggle will be centered around genuine equality”  Today I commit to stop celebrating his dream & to stop separating the evils of capitalism from militarism from racism. These are all tools of the machine that killed Dr. King and if allowed, will kill me too.

“The Great March on Washington was a high watershed moment for me. But I must confess that dream that I had that day has in many points turned into a nightmare”

Martin Luther King Jr.



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